Fiber Optic Installation

Fiber optic installation is a very complicated process. The task requires certified technicians with specific training. Today, fiber optics is either the dominant medium or a logical choice for every communication system as these fibers can transmit huge amounts of data without any loss of media. More and more businesses are now using this high-tech means of data transfer for their un-interrupted service.

The basic function of the cable is to protect the fiber. Fiber comes in different types, depending on the number of fibers and the places it will be installed. Always choose a fiber carefully, as the choice will decide how easy it is to install, splice or terminate and most important, cost! If the fiber cable is not installed in a proper manner, you may encounter problems in the future. Keep in mind that there are strict industries standards that are need to be fulfilled when a cable is installed. Fiber optic installations are becoming more common as a way to bring ultra high speed Internet services.

ProTek Fiber is among the leading fiber optic installation companies that offer the following Fiber Optic Solutions:

  • Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Single Mode Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Fusion Splicing
  • Terminations (ST-SC-LC-MTRJ)
  • OSP (Outside Plant)
  • Conduit and Innerduct Installation
  • Fiber to the Desktop
  • Labeling and Documentation
  • Testing and Certification

We are a leading provider of highly technical fiber optic solutions. Whether it is performing new installations, helping with your moves, adds and changes or certification of existing cabling. We also provide the best fiber optic testing services at competitive price.

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